Abby Kahler, a first grade teacher at Richard Kane Elementary School, has been named a Bartlesville Public School District Teacher of the Month for December by Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group.

In recognition of this honor, Ms. Kahler  was given a plaque and a $300 check from Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group by Stevie Williams, Arvest Bank Marketing Manager.

Ms. Kahler has eight years of teaching experience. She has been teaching first grade for seven years. Since childhood, Kahler wanted to be a teacher to help other kids feel as appreciated and supported as her teachers made her feel. Her philosophy of teaching is to make each child feel safe and welcomed in the classroom and show she is glad the child is there each day.

Building a positive classroom climate is something that Ms. Kahler feels is important as an educator. Her class decorates a Christmas tree together and she says the experience is just one example of how she tries to make her classroom feel like a safe and comfortable place for her students. Hearing that the classroom "felt just like home" was the best feeling for her as a teacher.

Ms. Kahler was granted the opportunity to attend a week-long training led by Barbara Sorrels which was titled “Connected Kids” and  focused on many tools to bring back to her classroom to help students who have dealt with trauma. She learned multiple ways to approach these students and to help them feel success at school. 

In the past, Ms. Kahler has led the WatchMen program, which brings male parents and guardians an opportunity to get involved in activities at Kane Elementary and allows students to establish a positive role model relationship. Ms. Kahler is also a mentor for the Bruins on the Run program and various fundraising activities.

Bartlesville Public Schools is proud to join Arvest Bank and Patriot Auto Group in honoring Abby Kahler as the Bartlesville Teacher of the Month for December.